Igloo Software Deepens Social Enterprise Suite Offering
Adds multilingual translation, social analytics to the solution.
Posted Aug 2, 2012
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Igloo Software has launched the latest version of its Pearl social collaboration suite for the enterprise.

The Pearl summer release includes a bed of social analytics built on MicroStrategy's business intelligence platform, allowing enterprise users to embed reporting tools into their administrative console to track user participation and engagement. The user can then generate individual, community, or team-based reports.

To help executives manage their social business content, "Igloo launched the concept of social archiving, which allows you to remove content from the search index to increase relevancy," explains Dan Latendre, Igloo's CEO. "Igloo allows you to set archiving rules based on content types," such as wikis that are edited and improved over time so they have lasting value, or microblogs, which Latendre calls "quick bursts of information that are more temporary in nature."

Igloo has also enhanced cloud content management through HTML5, enabling system users to drag and drop multiple files for upload. Storage capacity has been increased to support 2GB of data and a new content archiving capability provides more fine-tuned search relevancy to match high-volume data feeds.

Multilingual translation capabilities are also available through the Pearl summer release, which enable users to define language preferences and share content in their native language, through instant or verified translations.

"Social has allowed us to break down the barriers related to hierarchy, mobile and cloud computing have helped us break down the barriers of time and space, and multilanguage support means that cultural barriers are also beginning to fall," Latendre comments. "In an increasingly global world, this helps put our customers firmly ahead of the curve."

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