From iNeo: Lead Management Kung Fu
Three new LMA products from iNeoMarketing are intended to strengthen B2B customers' relationships with marketers and salespeople; one analyst says such tools can solve "an important problem."
Posted Jan 11, 2007
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Marketing software vendor iNeoMarketing is emerging from start-up status with a trio of product launches being termed a lead management automation (LMA) suite by the company. Next week, on January 16, iNeo will release its PluraPage, PluraCom, and PluraPage+ applications to the public. They will be available both through iNeoMarketing's secure hosting and through salesforce.com's AppExchange community. PluraPage generates customized landing pages for prospective B2B customers visiting a vendor's Web site, useful for tracking the effect of multiple marketing campaigns. PluraCom generates automatic marketing communications materials based on a prospect's activities. PluraPage+ creates microsites--individualized communication portals--for prospects, letting the marketers and salespeople deliver targeted campaigns, pitches, and other updates on a more granular level, according to the company. Joseph Rizzo, CEO of iNeoMarketing, says he believes the market is ready for tools like these, improving the processes and results of marketing over more scattershot methods of days gone by. "The big problem marketers have is in passing leads off to the sales team, knowing those leads need to be nurtured," Rizzo says. "What differentiates our technologies from our competitors is that while other companies are working backwards trying to make their technologies compatible with the efforts of marketers, iNeoMarketing has designed a proactive technology suite with marketers in mind." As a relatively new company, iNeoMarketing is using available technology to make it easy to access its products. In addition to hosting the PluraPage suite with its own resources, PluraPage is also salesforce.com certified and can be located on AppExchange. In either case, the applications can be used standalone or integrated with an existing CRM infrastructure. Marketing tools like PluraPage are helping to change the way marketers work in a world where there are more communication channels and marketing campaigns than ever before. Laura Ramos, a vice president at Forrester Research, says such vendors are "solving an important problem--how do you engage prospective buyers who come to your site looking for information, when you have no information about them?" Using clues such as site activity and geographical location, combined with knowing which campaign drove them to your site, Ramos says organizations can increase marketing and sales efficiency, focusing on qualified leads. "B2B marketers can no longer afford to emphasize lead volume over lead quality. It's not about more, it's about how good." Related articles: What's in a Lead? Above the Sales Funnel Three Reasons Why Sales Needs Fewer Leads
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