Castel Communications Selects Voci Technologies to Power Call Center Solution
The new voice analysis application will feature immediate detection of select words and phrases and send alerts when scripts aren't adhered to.
Posted Jan 20, 2012
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Castel Communications has selected Voci Technologies as the speech recognition appliance powering Castel Detect v2, which will be available in a few weeks to assist call centers in monitoring and detecting words and phrases on live calls.

"Providing to call centers the ability to determine if a Mini-Miranda is stated while a call is occurring builds a business' confidence that their agents are following standardized procedures," said John Ripa, Castel's chief operating officer, in a statement.

In using Castel Detect v2, call centers can prevent situations otherwise not discovered until after the call concludes. For example, in the collections industry, an agent may have forgotten to provide the Mini-Miranda to the customer. In this case, Castel Detect v2 monitors the activity and will post a reminder to the agent to make the statement. If after a matter of seconds the Mini-Miranda is still not detected, the respective monitoring team receives both a visual and audible alert to take action before the call ends.

"By combining Castel's products with Voci's speech recognition appliance, we're launching a new footprint in the way call centers communicate with their customers," said Rachid Cheaib, Castel's CEO, in a statement. "Castel Detect v2 is an incredible tool for businesses looking to ensure regulatory compliancy and enhance customer experience."

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