UnboundID Releases Updated Identity Services Platform
Solution provides foundation for better tracking of customer identity data.
Posted Aug 21, 2012
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UnboundID, an identity services platform provider, has launched Version 3.5 of its product, which enables companies to more effectively manage, control, and value their customer identity data and information.

"We've really been [focusing on] this idea of the identity economy, where personal data is going to be exchanged between a third party [that] needs the data and the company [that has] the data," remarks Andy Land, vice president of marketing for UnboundID. "To make that exchange work, you're going to need to know how valuable the data is, how much is being exchanged, and how often."

A new feature included in this update is the metrics engine, which allows companies to carry out real-time ROI analysis for customer data assets. The engine links the identity services platform with UnboundID's other products, like a data synchronization server, which helps direct data traffic.

"Companies can use the metrics engine to monitor service level agreements…if they have an application that's dependent on data from our database, they can give that application owner confidence they can meet their SLAs," Land says. "They'll also be able to [conduct] capacity analysis, where they can see if their infrastructure is big enough to support the needs of the business and when they're going to run out [of capacity.]"

Version 3.5 also offers:

  • Soft delete and undelete, enabling companies to perform loss analysis and better understand customer information to prevent turnover
  • WAN-optimized replication, allowing for more efficient use of existing bandwidth
  • A best practices guide and security capability that enables users to audit security gaps and improve upon the overall security of deployments

Some of the most pronounced industry verticals for UnboundID include telecoms, financial services, retail, and healthcare—all markets that service large numbers of external customers, Land notes. A common thread is these companies have a high volume of users "they have to digitally take care of," he adds. For example, in healthcare, "they're kind of getting forced with the new regulations to make all your healthcare records readily available to the patient."

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