S&P Capital IQ Introduces CRM Data Suite Offering
The service facilitates management of CRM account infrastructure with a complete company and business intelligence solution.
Posted May 22, 2012
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S&P Capital IQ yesterday launched its CRM Data Suite, a data management tool powered by S&P Capital IQ's data and records collection capabilities.

The new CRM Data Suite enables master account level roll-ups, accumulation of ongoing business intelligence, and, upon request, access to S&P Capital IQ's people data. Maintained by a dedicated team employing robust entity management practices to minimize maintenance and eliminate duplication of records, it enables clients to seed and power both off-the-shelf and proprietary CRM systems.

"Too often today company CRM processes enable everyone in a company's sales organization to create separate client accounts, resulting in confusion and duplication, not to mention problems synchronizing billing systems and developing a view of the total relationship for a given customer," said Rui Carvalho, managing director of S&P Capital IQ, in a statement. "S&P Capital IQ's CRM Data Suite allows users to set up a master account along with a representation of affiliates and subsidiaries across the global company universe, creating enormous efficiencies, enabling an enterprise view of customer relationships."

The CRM Data Suite provides ongoing maintenance of account infrastructure and business intelligence for CRM implementations, updating information concurrently with S&P Capital IQ's learning of company moves, additions, or changes across the publicly held universe. In addition, because of the vast amount of company data bundled from S&P Capital IQ's extensive data library, the system enables clients to get to know their clients by having on-demand access to company intelligence, including name, business description, contact information, and company relationship data, including related entities, subsidiaries, and affiliate relationships. Also, the system allows seamless linkage to other key data sets, including key developments, officer and director information, financial data, and recent transaction information.

S&P Capital IQ's CRM Data Suite, available via the firm's on-demand solutions, enables users to pull just the data required as needed into their applications. The service offers instant access to the most up-to-date data on a robust set of dynamic information covering thousands of global public and private companies. Optional add-ons include data set combinations to complement selling to adjacent markets; people data to enable senior executive outreach; and business intelligence to drive smarter sales decisions.

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