NGDATA Releases Enhancements to the Lily Platform
The customer data platform's new Group DNA and OneAnalytics will help companies deliver more relevant customer experiences.
Posted Jan 23, 2018
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NGDATA recently announced enhancements to its Lily customer data platform that are designed to help marketers better understand customers and deliver more relevant experience as a result.

The first, Group DNA, aims to enables marketers to understand their customers at both an individual and a group level. Users can connect individuals into groups such as households or business structures, for example, with the goal of delivering deeper insights based on these connections and relationships.

“The Group DNA is useful for telecoms and banks, for example, because certain ‘products’ are connected to multiple people in a family—a TV subscription or a loan, for example—while other products are personal, such as a mobile phone, mobile payments, credit cards,” says Luc Burgelman, CEO at NGDATA.

The second enhancement, OneAnalytics, allows marketers to apply insights gleaned from Lily metrics to entities other than the customer, such as campaigns, products, and offers. Furthermore, OneAnalytics takes into account potential insights from related entities with an eye on connecting different perspectives to deliver deeper understanding and ultimately better customer experiences.

When used with Group DNA, OneAnalytics extends Lily’s real-time insight to other entities and related entities to help marketers determine relationships associated with devices, products, and time, and “combine [that information] with the Customer DNA to deliver even smarter customer experiences based on context of the customer and these other entities—the DNA on other entities helps to get more information on attribution and on how certain products need to be marketed differently than others or how some devices have different response rates than others, et cetera,” Burgelman says. “This is important because in order to provide the best possible customer experiences, marketers need to consider data from every single source and touch point. Only then can they develop a fully formed and informed picture of the customer journey.”

And that picture is crucial to companies looking to make the most of customer data. “The updates to Lily are designed to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation efforts. NGDATA is committed to deepening and strengthening the intelligence that fuels Lily, and we’re extremely proud that these new updates provide an even deeper level of context and sophistication that is unique to the CDP market, and will benefit our customers by providing them with the most accurate and relevant insights that enable them to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” Burgelman says.

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