KarmaCRM Releases Its APIs for Developers
Users can incorporate KarmaCRM into other business processes and workflows.
Posted Jul 23, 2013
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KarmaCRM today released a new application programming interface (API) that wraps karmaCRM around a company's existing processes and tools, extending its functionality beyond the karmaCRM Web app and into the company's whole knowledge ecosystem.

Users can integrate karmaCRM and another existing business application with the click of a button for connected workflow across all process levels. Developers can harness the karmaCRM API to create a deeper integration within their own systems to automate the company's sales and customer service workflow. The API will provide developers with chunks of code that can be imported into their own code without having to start from scratch.

"KarmaCRM's API is useful at a number of levels. It is intended to be accessible to developers at our customers' companies who want to create Karma-specific widgets on their Web sites. For instance, with the API, users can create contacts in karmaCRM from an existing Web contact form," said John Paul Narowski, founder of karmaCRM, in a statement. "However, we have also made it to be powerful enough to create deep integrations with the enterprise tools that our users love, extending the functionality of our small business CRM."

The karmaCRM API has a RESTful interface that contains the documentation for all the main sections of karmaCRM as well as organization level settings and configurations.

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