Ifbyphone Introduces Inquire
The new platform offers call tracking and lead response, especially designed for small firms.
Posted Nov 9, 2012
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Ifbyphone, a provider of voice-based marketing automation, has launched Ifbyphone Inquire, an application for call tracking and lead response.

Ifbyphone Inquire is designed specifically with the micro business in mind, including sole proprietors, real estate agents, and self-employed business owners. For $13 a month, these businesses can track the source of every phone and email lead so they know which marketing campaigns are most effective.

The lead response feature of Inquire instantly finds and connects a sales person with online leads. When a Web form is submitted or an email sent, the system immediately calls a sales rep. Once connected, the information from the online form is read to the company representative, who can then say, 'yes' into the phone to instantly connect with the prospect. In this way, the sales team member can talk with a prospect moments after that person has expressed interest in a company's products or services.

"Often, leads are overlooked for hours or even days, which may cause the prospect to lose interest or move on to a competitor," said Irv Shapiro, CEO at Ifbyphone, in a statement. "With Inquire, small businesses can start a live conversation with potential leads while they are still online and engaged in the company's products or services."

Inquire's real-time online dashboard and reports show the top performing lead sources and display the count of phone leads or email leads generated by each source, such as company Web site, online advertisement, print advertisement, and more.

Inquire can be accessed from any browser or iPad, and in just a few clicks users can add a new lead source or authorized user. Business owners will now know the cost of each incoming lead because Inquire reports show specific costs per ad.

"We developed Inquire to make call tracking and lead response easy and affordable for virtually any U.S. business," Shapiro said. "While large enterprises have long used call tracking technology, Inquire fills a gap in the marketplace, helping small businesses respond to leads instantly and only spend money on ads that drive leads."

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