Fuel Cycle Announces Panels
The new integrated research sampling capability aims to make it easier to acquire market intelligence.
Posted Nov 15, 2017
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Fuel Cycle, a provider of a market research and community intelligence platform, recently announced Panels, an integrated research sampling capability designed to help brands get market intelligence more easily and reach a wider target audience.

Panels is powered by Lucid, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of data. Billed as “the world’s largest audience platform for sourcing and understanding ‘human answers’—real, deterministic data about human behavior at scale,” according to the Panels press release, Lucid gives Panels users quick access to external audiences and can validate insights acquired within their community as well as gather intelligence from non-customers.

Panels features 160 targeting points that enable users to define the makeup of their target audiences across demographics, psychographics, political affiliations, and behavioral variables. It is fully integrated with the Fuel Cycle Platform, and part of this integration is the Quick Audiences feature, which enables users to access predefined audience templates for automated sampling. The process of crafting a survey and selecting a target audience is simplified—with just the click of a button a survey is connected to the target audience.

Fuel Cycle also recently announced geolocation targeting capabilities and Profile Maps. The geolocation targeting capabilities—announced in August 2017—allows users to capture location-specific customer intelligence using location-based research. Profile Maps, also announced in August 2017, is a community platform feature that aims to enable users to unify multiple data sources, drive deeper insights, and make better business decisions. Together with Panels, the trio furthers Fuel Cycle’s goal of providing a system for companies to capture intelligence across the product life cycle.

“Our goal really is to serve the entire enterprise with a robust solution that allows for both quantitative and qualitative insights,” says Rick Kelly, vice president of product at Fuel Cycle. “The reason we were able to add all this functionality so quickly is because we’re really interested in listening to our customers and understanding what they need, and so we use our own customer insights based on dozens of conversations every week and every month to inform our product road map and develop solutions that really are in line with modern enterprises’ research needs.”

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