Datorama Launches Salesforce.com Connector
The marketing intelligence platform now supports personalized Salesforce reports.
Posted Apr 13, 2017
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As the pressure increases for marketers to prove the impact of their initiatives on their company’s bottom line, so does their need for a more thorough view of how their campaigns, events, and content, are influencing sales pipelines. Responding to this requirement, Datorama, a provider of marketing intelligence software, today launched a Salesforce.com connector to help organizations mesh their CRM data with information from marketing systems to unlock insights into their advertising, web, and marketing investments.

A cloud-based offering, Datorama’s Marketing Integration Engine aims to help businesses easily import information from various marketing sources—including programmatic, search, social, email, web analytics, email, and CRM systems—into one platform. In addition to putting data in one place, the idea is to give marketers a better look at their customers’ end-to-end journeys across different channels via analytics and visual reports, allowing them to learn and make smarter decisions that lead to more substantial ROI.

According to the company, the average Datorama user connects 70 data streams to its platform in the first year of use. Among the sources the vendor supports is Google Analytics, which it released a connector for in 2016.

According to Jay Wilder, director of product marketing at Datorama, a problem for Salesforce.com customers has been a restricted integration process. While the CRM behemoth offers access to an application program interface (API) that enable users to extract data for analysis, many firms tend to customize fields, metrics, and reports according to their unique internal processes and logic, and the standard API does not support this customization. The result has been that marketers haven’t been able to tie their data and analytics with sales data, which has prevented them from accurately assessing their efforts. “Budgets and accountability are continuing to rise for marketers at the same time that data complexity is hampering their efforts to get a complete picture of the marketing and sales relationship,” Wilder says.

The connector addresses this difficulty, as it allows sales and marketing organizations to bypass the problems associated with personalized fields and consolidate their data. Users can determine, for instance, which of their prospects and leads are converting after exposure to a certain campaign. Within the Datorama platform, businesses can create custom dashboards that blend data from disparate sources, enabling them to have better conversations.

“There is no traditional API or [Salesforce Object Query Language] coding required, which makes it fast and flexible for marketers to connect the exact data they need,” Wilder adds.

In addition, Datorama offers a "TotalConnect" capability, which connects and automates the collection of any flat file and enables users of other CRM systems, such as Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and others, to set up reports for delivery into Datorama via email, safe file transfer protocol (SFTP), or hosting in environments such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and other storage locations. “Datorama will connect that reporting on a scheduled basis and automatically harmonize it into the data model with…[machine learning],” Wilder says. “In the future we may supplement this feature with access to reports that the user can access right within Datorama, in a way that’s similar to the new Salesforce custom connector.”

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