Brainshark and Highspot Release Sales Enablement Software
The integrated sales enablement solution aims to make sales reps more effective with their conversations.
Posted Feb 22, 2017
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In the wake of entering a strategic partnership, announced in October 2016, Brainshark and Highspot today released an integrated sales enablement solution that links the former's sales rep on-boarding and training application with the latter's sales content management, customer engagement, and analytics platform, with the goal of helping organizations improve sales productivity and close more deals. 

"Brainshark has been a leader in the training, learning, coaching space, and Highspot's been a leader in the content and engagement space. What both companies realized was that to build an end-to-end sales enablement platform, you really need to do all of those things; you need to have great ways to build skills, great ways to manage all of your content, and great ways to engage with the customer," says Robert Wahbe, CEO of Highspot. "Customers were having to deploy both Brainshark's solution and Highspot's solution, and when we looked at that and looked at what the customer was doing, we realized we could do a lot of really interesting work when we brought those two platforms together—we could do various kinds of integration, make it easier to deploy the joint solution, and have a complete end-to-end platform."

The integrated solution looks to provide several sales benefits. It connects in-context learning with options for creating, sharing, managing, and tracking sales content. Additionally, it eliminates the need to juggle log-ins for multiple products, which can improve training participation rates, knowledge retention, and buyer engagement. Moreover, it aims to help salespeople master their message and have more informed conversations with buyers.

 “We have these complementary capabilities and what we've done in bringing the solutions together is we've made what historically might not have been a seamless experience, where a sales rep needs to log in to two different solutions to get their job done, into a seamless one eliminating any barriers for the rep," says Robin Saitz, CMO of Brainshark.

"Building on that seamless experience, there is a couple of additional things that the two products do when they come together," Wahbe says. "The first is in-context learning. You simply can't provide in-context learning unless the two systems are integrated. [The second is] holistic analytics, where you know everything about what is working and what isn't working in order to make reps more effective." He adds that the joint solution is “all about making reps effective with their conversations.”

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