Apmetrix Launches Mobile Advertising Exchange
Apmetrix's Mobile Ad Exchange will pay 85 percent of revenues back to publishers.
Posted Nov 11, 2013
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Apmetrix, a provider of app measurement and monetization analytics, has introduced its mobile ad exchange in partnership with Inneractive, a mobile supply side platform. Apmetrix's exchange is unique in that it promises to deliver a higher revenue percentage to app publishers than its competitors—85 percent.

"With the mobile advertising market exploding, we really wanted to change the rules of the game by offering our partners an unprecedented revenue share and the experience of a platform that is as transparent and frictionless as can be found on the Web," Lee Jacobson, CEO of Apmetrix, says.

Using Apmetrix's analytics platform, brands as well as advertisers and media agencies buying on their behalf will be able to reach customers directly through Apmetrix's advanced targeting features. Advertisers will be able to efficiently gauge the quality of their buys from more than 100 demand partners and networks via Apmetrix's real-time reporting, allowing advertisers to maximize revenue by adjusting their campaigns in real time and eliminating underperforming sources of traffic.

Apmetrix works with Inneractive to enable publishers to open their inventory to more than 120 demand-side platforms with transparency and fluidity.

"We are really happy Apmetrix chose Inneractive as the programmatic ad stack running their private Ad Exchange," Offer Yehudai, president and cofounder of Inneractive, says. "The wide breadth and quality of the advertisers that buy through the Apmetrix Ad Exchange is truly impressive. Plus, publishers appreciate the fluidity with which they can check revenue and performance metrics for each advertiser or network in real time."

Apmetrix offers a cross platform set of business analytics and monetization tools, enabling mobile developers to measure and maximize their mobile business in real time. The Apmetrix platform allows its clients to view user behavior and use push notifications and rewards to automatically engage and retarget various users based on how they interact with each game or app. The toolset also offers an integrated monetization solution, which allows publishers to open their inventory to hundreds of demand-side partners with a single software development kit.

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