Unmetric Introduces Xia to Give Marketers Insight from Social Media Content
Marketers can act on intelligent insights from Xia's continuous analysis of historical and real-time social posts and interactions.
Posted Jun 21, 2017
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Unmetric, a provider of branded content analysis and discovery, today introduced Xia, an artificial intelligence-powered tool that enables marketers to harness insights from branded social media content.

Xia gets smarter with each new datapoint she ingests and analyzes, which currently exceeds 12 trillion interactions from more than a half billion posts published by more than 100,000 companies.

Powered by Xia's machine learning algorithms, Unmetric's Analyze solution gives marketers access to data and insights on competing companies, such as what posts are promoted, Facebook post reach and impressions, campaign performance, and detection and alerts of content performance outliers.

"The sheer amount of content that brands publish to social every day poses an endless challenge for marketers trying to make smart data-driven decisions about their own content. Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the next evolution of social data analytics, and Xia is a true example of a system that constantly learns from trillions of data points and generates usable insights for marketers faster and more accurately than ever before," said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric, in a statement.

Xia provides AI-driven insights in four main components of Unmetric Analyze. They include the following:

  • Promoted Post Detection: Users can see which posts their competitors are putting money behind. Xia's proprietary algorithm identifies which content is sponsored with up to 96 percent accuracy.
  • Reach & Impressions: Users can access best available estimates of any company's Facebook reach and impressions data on both Post and Page level.
  • Campaign Intelligence: Users can strategize with human-tagged campaign intelligence. Unmetric's human analysts work with Xia to tag campaigns, so users can see how they performed and leverage what worked in the past to build future campaigns.
  • Alerts & Highlights: Users can keep track of when competitors do something out of the ordinary. As soon as Xia detects unusual activity on a competitor's social profile, she'll send an instant notification.

"Xia has added confidence to the content planning and testing process. The content-generation process most often starts with a goal, followed by a brief, and then the creative ideation begins. At the point of ideation, everyone involved debates the headlines, copy, and photography to eventually A/B test, and it's too often an atmosphere of subjective spin and opinions. With Unmetric and Xia, we have completely changed our process to be more data-driven, and as a result, cut our content planning and testing time in half," said Jeff Melton, chief strategy officer at A Big Agency, in a statement.

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