Synthesio Launches Synthesio Plus
Synthesio updates its social listening tool with interaction data analysis as part of a revamped mention stream and two new interaction widgets.
Posted May 10, 2017
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Synthesio, a provider of social media listening and intelligence tools, today introduced Synthesio Plus, a premium offering that will allow Synthesio users to gain stronger qualitative and quantitative insights out of their social data through interaction analytics. The updates include interaction data analysis within a revamped mention stream and two new interaction widgets.

"Our customers wanted to know more about how people were interacting with every mention that appeared on their dashboards," said Thibault Hanin, co-founder and chief technology officer at Synthesio, in a statement. "Synthesio Plus not only features new dynamic widgets, deeper and more consolidated metrics, more robust influencer panel creation capabilities, and so much more, but it also gives the power to our customers to be able to dig as deep as they can into their data and really take control of it. With new capabilities like country-specific share-of-voice metrics, integrating mention interactions data into all aspects of your social listening analytics, etc., Synthesio Plus will be able to give our customers insights that they need and want, and it is designed to present it to them quicker than we've ever been able to in the past."

Synthesio Plus features the following:

  • Consolidating Metrics: Interactions analytics are included in the algorithms of almost every widget in Synthesio Plus, adding more qualitative and quantitative substance to all mentions.
  • More Robust Influencer Panel Creation to help users understand the engagement that each influencer brings and then use this data to build influencer panels with new metrics, including average total interactions or average engagement rate.
  • Identifying Top Content: Users will still be able to sort the top content by influence or date, but now they can also sort by top-performing content in each social network according to the interactions data.

"We've always prided ourselves on giving our customers the best social listening platform that will provide them with the insights that make their social data useful and impactful on their business," said Loic Moisand, co-founder and CEO of Synthesio. "Synthesio Plus is the natural progression of our offerings. Synthesio Plus is the first social listening and social intelligence platform that uses interactions data as a core metric in almost every widget and bit of insight that our customers will see. This will be a game-changer for organizations that need a deeper understanding of the impact their work is having on their business, as well as provide incredibly useful analysis for all organizations, executives, and business units. Synthesio Plus will also help companies bring new levels of understanding to the social analysis of their market research, brand health monitoring, crisis management, and overall campaign measurement."

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