SearchBlox Releases Text Analytics 8.4
SearchBlox's newest update features indexing support for 35 data sources through database collection, sentiment analysis, and entity extraction for analyzing text.
Posted Feb 25, 2016
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SearchBlox has released version 8.4 of its text and data analytics software. New features include indexing support for 35 data sources through database collection, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and HTTP API, which allows external applications to programmatically setup and control Web site indexing.

SearchBlox's software catalogs business data from many sources. With its Enterprise Search applications, businesses can collect information across file systems with tools such as intranet search, cloud search, big data search, and Web site search solutions. The software also offers text analytics to pinpoint customer and employee trends and helps businesses build custom predictive models based on the data.

With the release of 8.4, SearchBlox implemented several improvements for performance, usability and scalability. The update also bolstered the software's e list of compatible data sources, bringing the total to more than 60. These include many of the top CRM and marketing automation systems, accounting systems, collaboration and enterprise resource planning systems, on-premises and cloud databases, social networks, big data sources, and email clients.

Through these data sources and more, users can perform federated searches across any collection type. They can also access customized analytics, sentiment analyses, visualizations, and a range of data filtering options to further customize their search and text analytics. The service costs $5,000 per server, per year.

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