SalesPredict Partners with TechnologyAdvice
The partnership between SalesPredict and TechnologyAdvice uses predictive demand generation to score leads.
Posted May 25, 2016
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SalesPredict, a predictive B2B marketing solution provider, and TechnologyAdvice, a B2B demand generation service provider, are partnering to enable B2B marketers to purchase highly-targeted, predictively scored leads from TechnologyAdvice.

Using predictive analytics with internal CRM and marketing automation system data and the open Web and third-party data sources, SalesPredict's Predictive Revenue Automation platform provides predictive scores and insights that help B2B companies target their marketing and sales efforts. This partnership will enable TechnologyAdvice to use SalesPredict scoring models to provide predictively scored leads based on customers' specific sales conversion histories.

"TechnologyAdvice is all about helping our customers fill their sales pipelines with quality names. Using SalesPredict's powerful predictive scoring technology, we are now able to provide our customers with net-new, laser-targeted leads that are two to four times more likely to buy from them," said TechnologyAdvice Chief Revenue Officer Daniel Percey in a statement. "It also opens up a new opportunity for us to tailor our offerings for different marketing needs and budgets. We can provide customers with premium A leads or a mix of leads with different predictive scores."

"Looking at a CPL demand-gen program through a predictive lens will help marketers deliver more objectively qualified names to their counterparts in sales and help drive more revenue. We are excited to partner with TechnologyAdvice on this top-of-funnel, predictive demand-gen offering that will help B2B marketing and sales teams complement their inbound strategies with new targeted names for outbound marketing,” said SalesPredict Co-founder and CEO Yaron Zakai-Or, in a statement.

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