Looker Unveils Looker Data Apps
Looker Data Apps are available for specific industry and business segments.
Posted May 5, 2016
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Looker today released Looker Data Apps, analytical applications for business units and departments, enabling businesses to deploy one data platform to serve all of their business functions.

"Data should be transformative for businesses, but outdated tools and inflexible out-of-the-box solutions often handcuff business users from access to the valuable insights they want and need," said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker, in a statement. "Looker Data Apps makes it easy for all users to engage with the data that’s important to their business functions with the peace of mind that they're built on Looker's trusted data platform."

Looker Data Apps are deployed on top of the Looker Data Platform at no additional cost.

Looker Data Apps can be segmented across the following departments:

  • Sales: Simplifying sales processes with deal pipeline, individual deal status, and rep-by-rep performance analysis;
  • Customer Success: Identifying customers at risk of churn and the actions or product features that drive retention and recognizing opportunities for upsell;
  • Customer Support: Providing a comprehensive view into all current support activity and identifying and enhancing crucial processes to improve customer satisfaction;
  • Marketing: Showing marketers the impact of their efforts, from campaign to actual sales and account data;
  • Operations and Logistics: Providing the full picture of the operational funnel, from procurement and production to inventory and distribution, all in one centralized app;
  • Product Analytics: Providing insight into crucial customer product use data, A/B testing, and customer experience input; and
  • Web Analytics: Providing full-scale, real-time analytics covering everything from the customer journey, to A/B testing and overall Web site health.

Looker Data Apps can also be segmented across the following industries:

  • eCommerce:Providing a complete picture of online stores, connecting data from customers and the Web site with all of the transactions;
  • Digital Media Analytics: Providing client reporting on ad performance and detailed engagement and performance metrics;
  • Digital Advertising Analytics: Monitoring the overall performance and trends of digital advertising;
  • Gaming: Monitoring the pulse of gaming platforms to help understand what keeps players coming back, analyzing downloads and purchases, tracking every aspect of every level, and monitoring player engagement metrics and player performance; and
  • SaaS: Managing the acquisition funnel.

Developers can create additional apps and further customize existing apps through Looker's LookML language and open APIs.

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