Localytics Releases True Impact
Localytics True Impact Helps marketers measure the return on their digital investments.
Posted Nov 11, 2015
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Localytics, provider of a lifecycle engagement platform for Web and mobile apps, has launched True Impact to help companies measure the return from their mobile marketing strategies on engagement, conversion, and revenue.

With True Impact, marketers can go beyond understanding baseline metrics, such as click-through rates, to determine the direct impact each push or in-app messaging campaign has on business goals and revenue.

"Today, app marketing looks like the wild west. Marketers are testing lots of hypotheses, but they are unsure of what is actually driving results or customer retention," said Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics, in a statement. "Other solutions provide visibility into click-throughs and conversions at most. True Impact is the industry's first solution to provide a holistic approach to marketing performance, helping marketers understand which campaigns drive engagement and revenue, and also improve user lifetime value and retention."

True Impact is an automated lift-analysis feature within the Localytics Marketing platform. The new feature enables users to add a control group to push and in-app messaging campaigns and provides new impact metrics that measure the lift in engagement, conversion, and revenue relative to the control group. This holistic approach to marketing performance is possible because of the tight integration of analytics and marketing in the Localytics platform. This enables Localytics to give marketers instant insight into the performance of their campaign in the short and long-term so they can optimize for the greatest positive impact on their business.

During a beta trial for True Impact, Jana tested multiple push campaigns in its mCent app to determine the best time of day to re-engage users with push messages. With True Impact, they learned that 8 a.m. drove the highest lift in engagement (5 percent) and conversion (10 percent) over the control group. Messages sent later in the day generated a smaller lift in engagement and negatively impacted conversions versus the control.

True Impact also helps businesses see the full impact of their app marketing activities through A/B tests.

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