LiveRamp Adds Retargeting to IdentityLink
LiveRamp IdentityLink now extends marketers' ability to leverage CRM data in Google Customer Match.
Posted Jun 7, 2017
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LiveRamp, an Acxiom company and provider of omnichannel identity resolution, has added rargeting for people-based search to its IdentityLink platform.

With IdentityLink, marketers can now apply precision targeting broadly across search channels with their display efforts. Marketers using Google Customer Match have the added benefit of dramatically extending the people-based reach of their programs with IdentityLink's new data append feature.

"Leveraging customer data in [search engine marketing] initiatives dramatically improves click-through rates, but only a fraction of CRM data can be activated in search channels," said Pat Hayden, director of paid search at Elite SEM, a performance-driven digital marketing agency, in a statement. "The ability to use IdentityLink to scale people-based targeting in search, particularly Google Customer Match, will dramatically increase the value of our clients' investments."

Marketers who pair Google Customer Match with IdentityLink's new data append feature can further improve their ROI by deterministically matching more of their audiences to their search campaigns. Marketers leveraging this feature can target up to six times more customers than by using Customer Match alone.

"Our approach is to be as targeted and relevant as possible in our marketing. We focus on specific audiences in our display and social advertising, so applying this people-based approach to paid search was a natural progression," said Lora Loesch, director of digital finance and paid marketing at Finish Line, in a statement. "By combining IdentityLink's data append feature with Google Customer Match, we not only simplified execution, we've improved our [click-through rates] and have seen a lift in our sales results."

IdentityLink customers who activate audiences in Google Customer Match are also assured that their audiences' personally identifiable information (PII) is securely processed and converted into a privacy-compliant, anonymous form for activation in the digital environment.

"People-based search is the single most powerful use case I have ever seen, and marketers seem to be flocking to it," said Jeff Smith, LiveRamp's chief marketing officer, in a statement. "For the last decade, as display targeting has radically improved, marketers have been forced to make a choice: run ads that are contextually relevant (like search), or run ads that are targeted to the right person (like display). People-based search has eliminated the need to make this trade-off."

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