HappyOrNot Releases Real-Time Alerts Feature
HappyOrNot's Real Time Alerts helps companies fix customer service issues fast.
Posted Oct 3, 2016
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HappyOrNot has released its Real Time Alerts feature, a fully wireless and instantaneous customer dissatisfaction alert notice.

"Companies save time, money, and reputation by fixing a problem as soon as it happens," said Heikki Väänänen, CEO and co-founder of HappyOrNot, in a statement. "With Real Time Alerts, the fact that companies are alerted within minutes of service decline means that they also get enhanced control to maintain high customer service levels."

The new feature is an add-on to the HappyOrNot service, which immediately alerts clients throughout operating hours when the percent of unhappy customers increases above a set value.

Performance and Functionality Real Time Alerts is a new feature that works seamlessly with HappyOrNot's Smiley Terminal. The alert automatically generates and sends an email notification if the negative feedback response rate at a specific location exceeds a preset value. The preset value is based on the percentage of negative responses within a predetermined timeframe. Each criterion is customizable to the needs of the client, and easily changeable within HappyOrNot's reporting service.

"Clients that use our service are doing so because they are very committed to their customers' happiness and service performance, so when they experienced increasing demand to react more quickly to drops in satisfaction, we responded by developing this feature, which does just that," Väänänen said.

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