Go2mobi Releases Total Control API for Custom Programmatic Advertising
Go2mobi's Total Control API allows digital marketers to build anything, from workflows to custom DSP platforms.
Posted Jan 8, 2018
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Go2mobi, providers of a self-serve mobile demand-side platform (DSP), has released the Total Control Application Programming Interface (API) to help mobile advertisers target, report on, and optimize every aspect of their campaigns, including building workflows, customized bidder logic, and full-blown custom DSP platforms.

Go2mobi's Total Control API provides a real-time bidding (RTB) infrastructure capable of processing more than 1 million queries per second. With it, advertisers can automate micro-campaign creation and campaign optimization, integrate the Total Control API with their spreadsheet software and tracking platforms, and create data visualization and unified reporting.

"With our Total Control API, Go2mobi brings a toolset for mobile advertising that is significantly more flexible and powerful to meet the growing needs of our clients' specific use cases," said Tom Desaulniers, president and co-founder of Go2mobi, in a statement.

Helmkin Digital, a digital marketing agency, leveraged Go2mobi's API to pull mobile campaign data into its reporting interface and created geo-targeted, day-parted microcampaigns for a politician.

"The applications we've built to leverage Go2mobi's API have saved us countless hours in reporting and campaign creation," said Jeff Shannon, Helmkin's co-founder, in a statement. "We built a quick interface that allowed us to upload dates and locations via spreadsheet in order to create geo-targeted, day-parted campaigns for every campaign stop on the trail."

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