Gigya Introduces Lite Registration
Gigya's Lite Registration features helps businesses capture customer preferences and engage them earlier in the buyer process.
Posted Jun 1, 2017
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Gigya, a customer identity management software and services provider, today introduced Lite Registration, a capability in its Customer Identity Management platform that leverages email addresses to help companies connect with customers earlier in the buyer journey.

Lite Registration allows Gigya users to offer sign-ups for newsletters, promotional offers, contests, and other value-for-information exchanges, such as lead generation or contact us forms that require only an email address and consent for activation, with no need for creating a password.

Gigya Lite Registration is a key early step in progressive identity, the concept of capturing information about online visitors as early as possible and in small pieces, rather than immediately asking consumers to fill out lengthy registration forms. Progressive identity offers value to visitors in voluntary exchange for a minimal amount of their personal data.

Lite Registration provides out-of-the-box sign-up screens that are highly customizable via Gigya's UI Builder or through markup extensions. Clearly presented opt-in and opt-out flows capture and document customer consent in one place. Customers can then choose to opt-out of newsletters or campaigns or delete their accounts via unsubscribe links within emails and, since only the newest updates are reflected, the datasets stay clean.

When Lite Registration users convert to full registered accounts, their consent and preferences carry over.

"Consumers are increasingly protective of their personal information, so brands need to maximize the potential of email addresses while ensuring trust and transparency throughout the customer life cycle," said Rashmi Vittal, vice president of product marketing at Gigya, in a statement. "Lite Registration from Gigya gives brands the tool they need to build relationships gradually through give-to-get exchanges of value that create a path to long-term customer engagement."

Lite Registration is expected to be available this summer as a premium feature for Gigya clients.

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