DrivenBI Launches SRK Importer
DrivenBI's SRK Importer empowers self-service BI data preparation.
Posted Oct 12, 2016
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DrivenBI, provider of SRK, a cloud-native self-service business intelligence platform, today launched a data import utility. The DrivenBI SRK Importer helps companies connect to the most commonly used data sources, such as CSV/XLS files, SQL databases, third-party web services, or network devices.

With the launch of the new SRK Importer, business professionals can import the data they already have on-hand into SRK and make the real-time status of imports viewable and actionable from anywhere at any time.

"The term self-service has been devalued in the BI world, as these systems continue to remain far too complex and require continuous support from IT departments," said Ben Tai, CEO of DrivenBI, in a statement. "Some vendors have started to put emphasis on self-service when it comes to building analysis, but none have even begun to think about self-service when designing and implementing the data preparation component. And why should they, as most charge a considerable fee for this. Our one-of-a-kind data import utility is free and simple enough for business professionals to use."

The SRK Importer enables business professionals to import the data they need when they need it. This includes running multiple import tasks at the same time or scheduling them at various time intervals from minutes to daily, weekly, or on certain days of certain months. Since the SRK importer taps into the SRK Collaboration Hub, users can be notified in real time when data imports complete or when and where errors occurred during import. The SRK importer allows users to pinpoint and clean up bad data and then re-import only the problematic portion of the data.

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