Demandbase Extends Conversion Solution
Conversion Solution now delivers account and buyer insights through Salesforce, Slack, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Posted Jan 11, 2018
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Account-based marketing solutions provider Demandbase today launched its next-generation Conversion Solution, which provides tighter ABM integration between marketing and sales teams with artificial intelligence-enabled intent data and insights. It also integrates with Salesforce.com, Slack, and LinkedIn's Sales Navigator.

"The success of marketing is no longer measured by MQLs or CTRs. It's about increased sales activity that leads to revenue and can be tied all the way back to the top of the funnel," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. "The Conversion Solution is a brand new way to surface powerful information that wasn't previously available and allow sales teams to truly understand the behavior and needs of their target accounts so that they can increase their close rates."

With 3 billion visits per month across the Demandbase customer network, 400 terabytes of web pages crawled, and 50 billion impressions through its advertising stream, Demandbase's Conversion Solution can inform sales teams in real time when one of their accounts is on their website, in the news, or has spiking interest in their products. This precise intent tracking surfaces the accounts that are showing the most interest in a company's products, at nearly the first moment of interest. Relevant and actionable insights are compiled and alerts are sent to sales across multiple channels as they happen. Additionally, users can create multiple profiles to uncover accounts best suited for different products and services.

Demandbase's integration with Salesforce’s CRM data ensures a consistent data set is used by both sales and marketing. The Conversion Solution monitors insights in real time on the Salesforce platform and doesn't require a separate login for multichannel insights delivery.

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