CrowdCare Delivers Enterprise Search as a Turnkey Service
CrowdCare has improved its Wysdom solution to automatically answer half of customer questions.
Posted Feb 19, 2016
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After more than a year of system training, CrowdCare, provider of enterprise search as a turnkey service for carriers and Internet of Things (IoT) service providers, has enhanced its Wysdom solution so that it now automatically answers more than half of all customer questions.

With the top 30,000 questions already understood by the Wysdom solution, customers can get answers to their natural language queries. Customers do not have to do extensive searches through other resources or call into contact centers to get questions answered about the devices and services they use.

Wysdom was designed to be the support layer for the IoT, supporting virtually any piece of connected hardware through a combination of better search technology and a full turnkey knowledge service that continuously feeds the knowledgebase.

“We set out to build a great new piece of search technology, combining NLP with context, to answer the IoT customer support challenge,” said Ian Collins, CEO and co-founder of CrowdCare, in a statement. “What we found was that the technology combined with a full turnkey knowledge management process was far more powerful than imagined. By connecting the actual stream of customer questions and behavior directly with a team of knowledge specialists, we were able to deliver results far beyond expectations.”

Wysdom combines natural language processing (NLP) technologies with massive amounts of data used as context from billing, accounts, the network, and the devices. The analytics-driven knowledge management process is a perfect complement and is enabled by this technology. The dedicated Wysdom knowledge team uses the stream of inbound customer behavior to continuously improve the knowledge on behalf of customers.

The multilingual Wysdom solution provides support across all customer care channels, including mobile apps, Web sites, social media, and retail locations. The automated centralized IoT knowledgebase uses real customer questions to get smarter every day and links with other tools to move across multiple touchpoints and gain real-time customer insights.

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