Alterian Introduces Real-Time Adaptive Email
Real-Time Adaptive Email adjusts content at the time of open and re-open.
Posted Sep 26, 2017
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Alterian has launched Real-Time Adaptive Email that looks to solve the email relevance gap between when emails are sent, opened, and re-opened by customers and prospects.

"Marketers have long struggled to increase engagement because trigger-based email messaging has failed to stay relevant between the time the email is sent, opened, and re-opened," said Bob Hale, Alterian's CEO, in a statement. "With Real-Time Adaptive Email, we have come up with an extremely fast way to ensure that messaging always stays relevant based on new customer data collected between the time of email delivery to email interaction."

Using Alterian's Chameleon Adaptive Customer Experience Platform, marketers can create fully contextual audience segments, immediately drag and drop them to create and orchestrate the campaign, and personalize messaging in the moment, all from the same tool. As a result, marketers can increase email engagement with hyper-targeted personalized emails that stay relevant based on every cross-channel interaction leading up to the moment of email open and re-open.

Real-time Adaptive Email capabilities includes the following:

Contextual Audience Segments, created using both slow (historical) and fast (in-the-moment) customer information from Chameleon's Adaptive Marketer Data Environment.

Integrated Campaign Orchestration, with drag-and-drop functionality using integrated audience segments from Chameleon's Insights component.

Real-time Adaptive Personalization in the moment based on new customer behavior between the time of send, open, and re-open.

"Customers move fast. Marketers' emails need to move faster," Hale said. "Trigger-based journey maps can work for sending personalized emails based on customer behavior, but relevance has suffered as customers all too often deviate from the planned path. Real-Time Adaptive Email fills that relevance gap."

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